Kids, growing up in orphanages, face many challenges - deep wounds, loneliness, fear, and hopelessness. We want to enter into their lives and share warmth, encouragement, and love with them, and for this reason we organize trips to boarding schools and orphanages.

We help children who are now in boarding schools, going to them for weekly classes in English and life skills. This is also a special time to get to know children better and encourage them in their dreams and goals for when they graduate.

Students without healthy families who graduate from boarding school sometimes face even greater challenges once they leave the familiarity of school. We work with orphan graduates to help them find housing, healthy community, and either work or further education in trade schools or universities.

Hope for Orphans (HFO) started its activity in 2003, when we held our first camp in Gaivoron with orphans. Since then, our team is growing, and with it the relationships we have with orphans and the support and hope we are able to offer them.


Study and clearly define the needs of orphans
Create a comprehensive database of boarding schools (children's homes) throughout Ukraine, as well as the places graduates of boarding schools (children's homes) go after finishing grade school
Find sponsors and patrons who are ready to sacrifice for a good cause, not only money, but also their personal time and intagible resources
Find people who are not indifferent to the problem of orphans, who are ready to share their love with those, who most need it by joining us for camps